K I N E - S E S S I O N 2.0

I understand if you don't have time to come into the practice. Kinesiology works for acute problems even via Skype!


A Skype session has the same benefits as a face-to-face meeting. Together we will fill out a form to get an overview where you are standing in life. 


You can have a session comfortably:

  • at home
  • in the office
  • or in another private room


We will continue to discuss your main priorities, and journey:

  • you want to reach
  • how you would want to feel
  • goals you really want

In a Skype session I have a clear intention to test my own body on your behalf (it's like I'm surrogating for you). I will use many of the same tools and processes that I would personally apply in practice.


With different methods we will neutralize the blockage at the root of its cause. 


At the end of the Skype session, I test my muscles and ask:

  • Is there anything else we need to know
  • anything else we need to integrate
  • or what we need to clarify

Duration: 60 - 120 Minutes

Costs: 210.- / Session

These costs cannot be covered by the supplementary insurance.

Time to change something? Let's find out if my offer could help you. Contact me by phone, contact-form or WhatsApp +41787124432.

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Rahel J. Papis Therapy

dipl. Kinesiologin & Hypnosetherapeutin

cert. Kinesiology & Hypnotherapist


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