1. Session

Kinesiology: The 1. Session can take up to 90 - 120 Min.

My hourly rate: Fr. 140.-.


Hypnotherapy: Single Session 120-180 Min.

My hourly rate: Fr. 160.-


Book your single session now and we can uncover what's holding you back and five you the opportunity to feel back in balance. 


The package for a healthier life

Not all concerns can be discussed in one session.

Processing takes time.

There is a package solution together with a journal.

The All-in-One package includes the following in 6 Sessions:

  • Neutralizing belief patterns
  • Family-system issues
  • Eliminate Sabotages
  • Energy-Imbalances 
  • Kinesiology - Allow your body to speak
  • Hypnosis - Letting go of baggage
  • Yoga / Meditation - Creating new daily routines

These sessions will be charged by duration


My hourly rate: Fr. 140.-

Reinbursement by your insurance

I'm recognized by all supplementary insurances (except Visana) for Kinesiology.

Please ask your insurance if and how much will be reimbursed.



payment methods

TWINT & Debitcard

Deregistration / Shift

If you are unable to attend, please cancel 48 hours before your appointment.

Unannounced absences are charged 100%.



A great cause!

By the end of the year I will donate a sum to an organisation for sustainable protection of nature.
Recipient will be mentioned.



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Rahel J. Papis Therapy

dipl. Kinesiologin & Hypnosetherapeutin

cert. Kinesiology & Hypnotherapist


Zollikerstrasse 44

8008 Zürich

Mobile / WhatsApp: +41787124432




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