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 "A therapy has more in common with a crime scene than you think. When having a problem, it feels like having a dead body in the cellar, while not knowing where it actually came from.

In this book, we will investigate the causes and the roots of your problems together by giving them a totally new meaning. This will help you to understand yourself better and to get to know the hidden parts of yourself, such as the victim and the gangster.


Dive into yourself and discover the real you in a dead serious, but also playful way.

You will have the possibility to connect to your inner self and redesign your life the way you want it to be. In addition, you will learn how to apply your discoveries into the different aims of your life such as love, work, fun and health. This is your self-therapy guide to show you what power you have within yourself."


Features Measurements:

Length: 210cm

Width: 148mm 

Height: 1.7cm



The perfect book for fun and self-therapy. Get into the views of an inspector and solve your crime scene by changing the way you think about yourself through uncovering blind spots to a meaningful positive life change.


There is always a reason why we are who we are. Our purpose is to give you a tool to uncover everything that has been holding you back to live your individual version of yourself. The possibility to free your inner beliefs to a happier and meaningful life. 




Focusing on mindset & inner beliefs, it’s about letting the past go as an experience to not remain with self-sabotage in the present. We all have the capability to transform our baggage into the power within. Guaranteed fun (with habit trackers and games) that will change your today to a better tomorrow by killing it with kindness.


This is what I stand for: 

  • Helping the world
  • Fair Production
  • Contribution to a great cause


Journaling help us to keep your thoughts organized:

  • Set & achieve your goals. ...
  • Record ideas on-the-go. ...
  • Allow yourself to self-reflect. ...
  • Inspire creativity

 Hypnotherapy gives us the possibility to: 

  • neutralize negative feelings
  • relax 100% & relieve stress. …
  • boost your memory. …
  • let our subconscious emotions speak the truth


Let’s make this world a better place. 

By buying this book you are actually supporting an amazing sustainable project of every book that is sold.

A yearly donation of 10% made by the end of the year.


“Life is exciting as a Kinesiology & Hypnotherapist. Every person brings an other story to the table, not knowing where the journey will take us to."


This book was designed out of practice experience and excitement. 


I've been there and I know what self-sabotage can do to ourselves...

There were too many days in my life where I felt depressed and didn't know what's going on. A lot of my triggers were rooted in my past. I know the feeling of:

  • failure
  • fear, negative thinking
  • insecurity, by others
  • not believing in life and destiny

and many more. It took me a while to overcome all of these habits and emotions with therapy.


By having my own practice I know what questions and methods clients need to overcome blockages and belief patterns.


You matter! To live your individual future that is made for you.


XO, Rahel

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