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I'm Rahel Papis a Kinesiology & Hypnotherapist who has many stories to tell you about triggers in your subconscious mind. My goal is to share experiences so that you can apply self-therapy no matter where you are and what time it is.

Interviews with clients and coaches, tips & tricks will help you to connect to your subconscious mind better and faster. Solve those blockades by your own and meet your inner peace with my Podcast!

✨ What natural products are made of⁠

✨ What you can do by yourself now for transition winter to spring⁠

✨ Basics of essential oils and use pure⁠ Ingredients⁠

✨ How to make your own day by day in easy steps⁠

✨ What to do in this Corona time⁠ 

💖 What limiting beliefs are and how they occur⁠⠀

💖 What the lizard brain is and how it influences you⁠⠀

💖 How we can free ourselves from these beliefs⁠⠀

💖 The methods Sandy uses⁠⠀

💖 Exercises you can do on your own

💬 How she works with clients⁠⠀

👍🏼 Method-recommendations

🚗 The importance of being in the drivers seat⁠⠀

🗣️ How to re-connect to your own voice⁠⠀

❓What's your Why?⁠⠀

💪🏼Why you don't have to be afraid to fall⁠⠀

👉 Our different handforms⁠⠀

👉 What it's about finger prints⁠⠀

👉 Our Hand lines⁠⠀


watch on Youtube!⁠ 😍⁠⠀
Rahel J. Papis Therapy


❤️ What's Ayurveda⁠⠀

❤️ What the Doshas are and how they develop⁠⠀

❤️ Do's and dont's for summer ⁠⠀

❤️ Tips & Tricks⁠ for your everyday life⁠

📝 Some creative methods for your journaling practice⁠ (For your everyday life!!)⁠.⁠⠀
📝How you can stay consequent in journaling regularly⁠⁠.⁠⠀
📝All about the journal "My pregnancy" from FRAUKE KASPER - what it is and where you can get it!⁠⠀

✨How her journey started as a Life Coach⁣⠀

✨How important it is to know who you are⁣⠀

✨What tools she uses with clients⁣⠀

✨Act and handle with love⁣⠀

✨What Self-Referencing is⠀

✨How you can use it⁣⠀

✨A great tool to connect to your subcinscious mind⠀

✨Needed questions ⁣⠀

✨Her Success Story with clients


✨Unconscious actions & habits

✨Unconsciousness in daily life

✨Jerry Kein Modell of Hypnotherapy



💭 Where the idea came from⁠⠀

❔ Why we created this journal⁠⠀

💪🏻 What was happening through the process⁠⠀

😩 Difficulties⁠ we had⁠⠀

💖 The thing that makes this journal unique⁠⠀

👥 For who this journal is⁠

🏔️ The iceberg⁠⠀

❤️ Healing - Forgiveness⁠⠀

🍬 Sugarcoating⁠⠀

👤 Shadows⁠⠀

💪🏻 Chakra⁠⠀

💦 Water - Emotions⁠⠀

📝 Journaling⁠⠀

🧘🏽 Yoga poses for releasing emotions⁠⠀


👍🏻 The benefits of Kundalini Yoga 

😍 What kind of experience you can make with it⁠⠀

❔ How a session works and what you do there⁠⠀

🧘🏼‍♀️ Different techniques you use ⁠in Kundalini⁠⠀

👥 ⁠How Kundalini got established in the society⁠⠀


💃 What a dance therapy is ⁠⠀

💃 Why there's a dancer in all of us⁠⠀

💃 How we can change our "negative/neutral" energy to something positive⁠⠀

💃 Exercises you can try on your own ⁠

❤️ What your idol has to do with yourself and work with that⁠⠀

❤️ A success Story with a client⁠⠀

❤️ The power of reframing⁠⠀

❤️ How to find your purpose with journalling⁠⠀

✨Story of becoming a Kinesiologist ⠀⠀

✨Story of Kinesiology⠀⠀

✨How it muscle testing works⁣⠀⠀


✨How she turned into a Cognitive Hypnotherapist⁣⠀⠀

✨Identify your inner Monster⁣⠀⠀

✨How to figure out what language our Monsters need⁣⠀⠀

✨Qualities of Monsters⁣⠀⠀

✨Release of her book⁣⠀

✨How important digestion is⁣⠀

✨What emotions & skin have to do with gut-health⁣⠀

✨All about trends⁣⠀


✨Her Success Story with a client⁣

✨Meet me

✨My big WHY

✨My Story

✨My Sabotages

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Rahel J. Papis Therapy

dipl. Kinesiologin & Hypnosetherapeutin

cert. Kinesiology & Hypnotherapist

psychol. Astrologer


Mobile / WhatsApp: +41787124432

E-Mail: team@rahelpapis.com



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