I'm Rahel Papis a Kinesiology & Hypnotherapist who has many stories to tell you about triggers in your subconscious mind. My goal is to share experiences so that you can apply self-therapy no matter where you are and what time it is.

Interviews with clients and coaches, tips & tricks will help you to connect to your subconscious mind better and faster. Solve those blockades by your own and meet your inner peace with my Podcast!

"Radio,  someone  still  loves  you."  -  QUEEn

Be  Inspired!

Hazel Gale: Mind-Monsters

Hazel Gale is a world champion kickboxer and listen to her stories: ⁣

  • How she turned into a Cognitive Hypnotherapist⁣
  • Identify your inner Monster⁣
  • How to figure out what language our Monsters need⁣
  • Qualities of Monsters⁣
  • Release of her book⁣

Hazel Gale, Kickboxer & Hypnotherapist



Kinesiology is a gentle method to balance the unity between body, mind and soul. Unifies knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine with ancient Indian and Western medical knowledge.

Techniques such as: Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Acupressure, Chakras etc.

The muscle test is the main instrument. It is a biofeedback instrument which, by changing the tension of a muscle, indicates the level at which our imbalances have arisen. A blockade is often caused by physical or mental stress. All our experiences are stored in our system (cell memory and central nervous system). Patterns of faith and patterns can be reprogrammed integratively.

HEIDI HAUER: Eat-well without calorie counting

Learn how to listen to your body and decide intuitively what your body needs. 
Heidi will tell you more about: 
  • How she became a Health Coach
  • How important digestion is
  • What emotions & skin have to do with gut-health
  • All about trends
  • Eating-Rules
  • Her Success Story with a client
  • PRACTICE for your daily life: Visualize what your body needs

Heidi Hauer, Health & Empowerment Coach 


Length: 40 Min. 

There is more than we see!

In Cooperation with Nurture Delight

Platform to nurture your joy


A little insight of:

  • Mental-Health is Physical-Health!
  • Everybody has their own process and there is no comparison to make between individuals
  • How our sub-conscious works with all our senses

Length: 22 Min.



Hypnosis is a wonderful, non-willful condition, untroubled and easy. Sleep or fainting has nothing to do with hypnosis. For a successful hypnosis you need: Wanting a positive change!


I will explain: 

  • Myths
  • Unconscious actions & habits
  • Unconsciousness in daily life
  • Jerry Kein Modell of Hypnotherapy
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Life-Drawers 

MIRJAM ULBERT: Run a life based on love, compassion & community

What a beautiful episode to talk about Love with Mirjam Ulbert who is an experienced Life Coach. 
  • In this episode you will hear more about: 
  • How her journey started as a Life Coach
  • How important it is to know who you are
  • What tools she uses with clients
  • Act and handle with love
  • Upcoming events



Certified Life Coach, Yoga - & Meditation teacher at Mirjam Ulbert



This episode is all about me.


My journey took a while to find out what I really wanted. 

At the age of 22 I felt lost and my Cousine forced me to see a Kinesiologist. 

If you would have told me back then that I would ever become a therapist, I would have not believed it. 


Today I'm happy to support many people in my practice based in Zurich and all over the world. Presentations used to be far out of my comfort-zone that is now my Super-Power. 


Length: 9 Min.

Das perfekte Duo!

Zu Gast bei Dr. Janna Scharfenberg - Expertin für Ayurveda


Hypnose wird häufig als etwas manipulatives angesehen und mit einem Kontrollverlust in Zusammenhang gebracht. Doch wenn Hypnose richtig angewendet wird, handelt es sich dabei um ein kraftvolles Toll um mit deinem Unterbewusstsein in Kontakt zu treten und Blockaden zu lösen. Besonders in Kombination mit der Kinesiologie kann Hypnose dabei viel bewirken. 


Length: 40 Min. 

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