treat yourself!


Remember a situation with a negative feeling?


Exactly! Everything is stored in our subconscious mind. Everything has an impact on our daily life that made us being the person who we are today. A bad day of school, a separation, an argument, rejection and loads more can trigger our self-esteem forever. 
Patterns repeat themselves constantly until we don‘t do stuff anymore out of fear. 
In order to break the sabotage and become free, we need to find the source where it all happened.
Many people struggle to talk about their feelings or burdens. Many people hesitate to go and see a therapist because they don't want to look at the dark side or don't have the money.
Welcome to your Self-Therapy Studio.
Sustain, balance, intuition, own yourself and worth, power, secure, free, what life i really want, rid of struggles, realign, create better situations, relationships, 

You want a change in your life for good

You are willing to free yourself from what's holding you back

You want to be clear of what you really want

You want to change your mindset about yourself

You want to use your intuition on a daily basis.

You want to experience healing with Self-Hypnotherapy

Fears, anger, sadness and frustration belongs to your daily life

You want to get to know yourself better and understand your thoughts and feelings

You want to become the best version of yourself for your future

Live the life you want for yourself

Only you can connect to your subconscious mind. No one else can do it for you!

We will be going trough your life now to discover who you really are and what your journey is. Going back to the roots and releasing triggers, where they are not needed anymore, is the main goal of this course. Every month you're releasing from all the things that were holding you back to live your full potential. The gab between you and happiness will build a bridge. 

free plan $0

  • Access to self-therapy exchange
  • Access to online platform to chat and exchange 
  • Be a part of a tribe


$ 0

monthly plan $39

  • Access to all therapy kits
  • Access to online platform to chat and exchange 
  • Receive 15% discount to other products
  • Be a part of a tribe
  • Yearly price: pay $27.75 instead of $39 per month

$ 39 or $ 333

You will have a massive change in life quality to feel free from your imbalance.

I share because I care!

After years of experience I have the tools and knowhow to share my expertise. 

An astrologer once told me: "You are the person who helps people find their own light to life and freedom."

Here I am, applying the following techniques in practice with a lot of you.


By having my own practice I know what questions and methods clients need to overcome blockages and belief patterns.

With this course I want to inspire you to look deeper and be able to solve the dark side of your triggers to overcome negativity forever!




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Rahel J. Papis Therapy

dipl. Kinesiologin & Hypnosetherapeutin

cert. Kinesiology & Hypnotherapist

psychol. Astrologer


Zollikerstrasse 44

8008 Zürich

Mobile / WhatsApp: +41787124432




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