ONLINE Group Coaching program

bECAUSE WE NEED A perspective in order to move our asses.

If you'd had to name your current situation like a movie...

What name would it have?

getting unstuck.

Know the feeling of being stuck in life?


Normally we think life is about finding purpose and changing everything immediately. Is that a plan that can happen from today to tomorrow? No!



mission possible.

To find your Life-Path.


Changing perspectives help you to actually see where you stand and which steps you need to be take to get to your next level to own the life you really want.

from a dead end to clarity.

for seekers

life map

clarity perspectives

  • You know you need a change in your life and still you haven't figured out what it is. 
  • Taking a closer look at the situation you're in to uncover false belief patterns and get you unstuck in order to move towards your purpose.
  • By slipping in heroes shoes from movies you know like Harry Potter or Nemo to create your own journey that is simmering in your imagination of life.


From being stuck to clarity. - Claire C.

Slipping into other perspectives. - Michelle G. 

Awareness on a daily basis. Kevin J.

Quick fixes of false belief patterns. - Julie O.

Seeing my superpowers of strength. - Sabrina H.

Releasing and overcoming obstacles. - Fabienne P.

10 phases in 4 weeks.

life as it is

  • Your current life. Why Mondays are a struggle to get motivated.

the calling

  • What or who is calling you to wanting to leave your comfort-zone.

the rejection

  • Uncover and explore what is holding you back to live your potential.


  • Diving into the need that supports you will reveal secrets


  • Looking at obstacles that will have to be overcome.


  • People who love you, but projecting their on fears on your dreams.

the test

  • The biggest challenge you will have to overcome for a change. 

the reward

  • Discover what the fulfilling emotion is behind the imagination.

way back

  • Preparing to feel comfortable with the decision of your future. 

new life

  • Taking action towards the life from deep in your heart.

Only you can live the life you have. No one else can do it for you. Make a good one that counts to you!

We will be going trough your life now to discover who you really are and what your journey is. After 4 weeks you will know which steps you need to take towards your purpose. Fill the gab between you and happiness.

10  modules  with  expertise  out  of  therapy

4  weeks  of  fun


to fill out  that will help you with journaling to focus, reconnection and awareness. 

weekly live calls

will give you instructions how to go through the process to connect and recreate a new life.

live therapy

straight to your subconscious to go past your rational and analytical behavior. 

With this 4 week course I will help you to connect with your individuality, current situation and redesigning your future.
You will have a massive change in life to know where your path needs to go.

starting date: June 23rd at 7pm CET

Every week a live call at 7CET until 14th july

"This course was so much more than just my life path. By digging into the unknown I was able to find personal sabotage that I was not aware of. Thank you Rahel! "


- Julie O. from the Netherlands

"Not only just a course. Tools for a lifetime! I know now how to connect on a daily basis to my subconscious mind and get myself unstuck in easy ways."


-  Kevin J. from Switzerland

"There is more than we see. I loved the different techniques that we used in a very playful way. It reminded me of tools that I loved as a kid."


-Fabienne P. from France

I've been there and I know what I'm talking about!

There were too many days in my life where I felt depressed and didn't know where my life should go. I know the feeling of

  • wanting to escape and disappear
  • start a complete new life
  • being stuck
  • getting stress symptoms

and many more. It took me a while to overcome all of these habits and emotions with therapy.


By having my own practice I know what questions and methods clients need to overcome blockages and belief patterns.

With this course I want to inspire you to change perspectives and get unstuck from the life you are having.




The A's for your q's...

Are payment plans available?

Yes! Please contact me, if you want to pay in a 2 months. 


Will The Next Level Journey really work for me?

This program is the most efficient and effective path you can take to get the results you want. And I’ll be there every step of the way, along with everyone in The Next Level Journey, to help guide you to your success.  


Could I just find all this information online?

I wish! That would have made my life a lot easier. I spent the past 8 years in the personal development world, learning things the “hard way,” so that you don’t have to. I’m here to guide you down the most efficient and effective path, step-by-step.  


How do I access the trainings and engage in the live sessions?

The Next Level Journey is 100% online, live Zoom calls, a private Facebook group, your email, and Google Drive. Simple instructions will be sent to you after enrollment.  


I don’t know if this is the right time, can I just join later?

I’m committed 100% to helping those members finding their path and manifest anything they want in life. This means the doors to The Next Level Journey remain open for a monthly enrollment, however I can’t guarantee the price will be the same as time evolves. The value of The Next Level Journey continues to go up as more and more content is added every month, so I encourage you to lock in your price now at the lowest you’ll ever see it!  


Are Results Guaranteed?  

I cannot guarantee that you will do this work, so it would be impossible for me to guarantee your results, so I cannot do so. Giving you my support requires a commitment to Yourself and a decision in every present moment that you must continue to make. I am your understanding guide and your biggest fan. I will be providing you every tips & tricks, techniques, and methods to provide you an incredible experience that is available to us. I will be your teacher, your tour-guide, and your inspiration, but what you do with that is completely up to you. 


What if I'm not on Facebook? Can I still join?  

Of Course! The Facebook group is recommended since the support of this community will encourage your accountability, however you are able to receive the Facebook Live downloads a day after it is streamed live.


What if my question isn’t listed on this page?

If you have any other questions please send an email to  




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